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Clothing Materials

Even with the trend towards the globalization of the clothing industry, we commit manufacturing of products with the highest standards of quality as Japan origin products. We develop anything from versatile products applicable for interlining and wadding.

Products Lineup

Face Form)
Adhesive Nonwoven Interlining having Moisture Permeable and Windproof
  • ◎ Composite Interlining composed with Polyester Elastomer Firm and adhesive nonwoven
coats, jackets, etc.
Thermo Face
High-Performance Interlining
  • ◎ Composite Interlining composed with Aluminum/Urethane Film and adhesive nonwoven
coats, jackets, etc.
Advanced Functional Wadding
  • Function 1: Solar Heat Generation
  • Function 2: Infrared Radiation
  • Function 3: Static Protection
  • Function 4: Anti-bacterial
Nonwoven Interlining
Jacket, coat, uniform, blouse, domette, hat

Lifestyle Materials

In order to create comfortable living space, we offer products that meet your specific needs. The “Limpano” and “Body Wash Towel”, knitted products, are designed for kitchen or bathroom application. Our nonwoven products make our daily life more convenient.

Products Lineup

Kitchen Cloths
Knitted table cloths, knitted dish cloths, acrylic dish cloths
Body Wash Towels
Cotton body wash towels, meshed body wash towels, brushing towels, acrylic bath cloths
Functional-added Nonwoven
  • [Active Carvon combined nonwoven sheet]
  • [Functional nonwoven sheet]
  • ◎ to add variety of functionalities: anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-allergen, anti-virus.
Floor wipers, ventilation fan filters, humidity control sheets, patchwork wadding, curtain materials

Bonded Reinforcement Net (CRENETTE)

“CRENETTE” is a biaxial laminated net created by layering fibers of various materials, such as polyester fiber, glass fiber, vinylon fiber, high-density polyethylene fiber, aramid fiber or carbon fiber, in the weft and warp directions, and bonding the intersections with adhesive resin.
“CRENETTE” is a reinforcing material in a wide variety of fields. It is used as reinforcement in waterproofing materials, packaging materials, floor panels, roofing, wall concrete repair on bridges and tunnels.

  • Main Applications
  • Industrial Materials
  • Packaging materials, interior materials, electronic materials,
    automotive materials, various filters, etc.
  • Civil engineering and construction materials
  • Civil engineering materials, housing materials, etc.
Products Category
Automotive and Industrial Materials
Clothing Materials
Lifestyle Materials
Bonded Reinforcement Net (CRENETTE)
Kurashiki Textile Manufacturing have advanced production facilities in place and we actively pursue research and development in order to meet the needs of every customer.
  • Production and Equipment
  • Research and Development