• Seeking new possibilities with nonwoven fabrics We constantly strive to accurately grasp the trends of the times and the markets, and bring function innovations together with practical use of resources in order to create new value.
  • Always gently reaching out to people In order to create a comfortable lifestyle, we spare no efforts in developing products that are friendly to people and the environment.
  • Together with the Earth Brimming passion and innovative ideas, and with the “Coexisting with the Earth” concept in mind, we have begun taking the next step.

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Products Category

  • Filters
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive and Industrial Materials
  • Clothing Materials
  • Lifestyle Materials
  • Bonded Reinforcement Net (CRENETTE)
Antibacterial and Antiviral Functional Nonwovens
KURANGRAFT® Metal Ion Removing Filter


As a pioneer in the textile industry, Kurashiki Textile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. produces and supplies various and original nonwoven and knit products into the market. These products are supplied under the brand name according as its functionality and the application.

  • Kuranbon

    Adhesive Interlining for jacket, uniform, blouse and hat, etc.

  • KranCsair

    Filter media for air filtration tailor-designed to have various functionality such as anti-bacteria, deodorization, anti-mold, etc., according the customer needs.


    Ion-exchangeable nonwoven filter for liquid purification. The filter can remove heavy metal ions dissolving in liquid and measure environmental issue.

  • Kran-Shield

    Nonwoven Composite laminated with film, net, etc., to shield light beam, heat, sound noise and harmful dust from outside surroundings, so, “Kran-Sield” support to maintain and design comfortable space.

  • Silky Veil

    Highly transparent and moisture-retentive Nonwoven for Cosmetic Facial Mask.

  • Face Form

    High-performance interlining developed by combining excellent moisture-permeable films and nonwoven.

  • Thermo Face

    Composite interlining with aluminum / urethane that features windproof, moisture-permeable, heat storage, and water resistance properties.


    Nonwoven Wadding having function of heat generation by solar energy, infrared radiation, anti-bacterial and anti-static charge, etc.

  • Limpano

    Cotton and rayon- based kitchen cloth of Japan origin products.


    A biaxial laminated net that demonstrates its strength as superior reinforcement materials.